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* American Foundation for Equal Rights' Road To RICO
post Oct 17 2010, 06:22 PM
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The American Foundation for Equal Rights is this little all of a sudden non-profit that recruited plaintiffs to sue The State of California to get Proposition 8 over turned. The mere act of RECRUITING PLAINTIFFs for a lawsuit is suspect enough. And, if there is even the slightest evidence that those AFER Clowns communicated with Federal Retard Vaughn Walker to get Their Great Gay Marriage Lawsuit onto Walker's desk, then, It will be Game Over For The Great Gay Marriage Distraction. .

Did The Gay Community decide to challenge Proposition 8? No, it looks like some guy named Chad Griffin decided he wanted to challenge Proposition 8 and Governor Wannabe Rob Reiner and his Wife joined in on riding gay marriage to fame and fortune just like Gavin Newsom.

Just Who The Fuck Is The American Foundation for Equal Rights?

1. Chad Griffin

2. Dustin Lance Black

3. Bruce Cohen

4. Michele Singer Reiner

5. Rob Reiner

6. Kristina Schake

You have to question the advisability of Chad Griffin participating in a magazine article DOCUMENTING how he decided to get a lawsuit filed against Proposition 8 and how he set about:

1. Creating a Special non-profit to fund the lawsuit.

2. Hiring high profile lawyers to prosecute the lawsuit. And,

3. Recruiting Plaintiffs to front the lawsuit.

The case that became Perry v. Schwarzenegger would probably never have materialized had it not been for a young political strategist in Hollywood named Chad Griffin. On Election Night in November, 2008, Griffin was watching the returns at a San Francisco hotel with Gavin Newsom, the city’s mayor, who, in a short-lived experiment in 2004, had presided over same-sex marriages at City Hall; Newsom’s wife, Jennifer; Bruce Cohen, a filmmaker who produced “Milk” and “American Beauty” and is a high-profile gay activist in Hollywood; and Kristina Schake, Griffin’s business partner and best friend. Like many gay Democrats that night, Griffin was exultant about Barack Obama winning the Presidency but despondent that Proposition 8 had passed. Griffin recalls “going into a forty-eight-hour spiral of depression. All I could think about was the message this sent to the kid I used to be, growing up in Arkansas. New Yorker

The American Foundation for Equal Right's Gay Marriage Script has gone horribly wayward. It should be clear to everyone by now that Federal Retard Vaughn Walker's decision on Proposition 8 will be thrown out because there weren't proper defendants to justify Walker conducting a trial. When there are no defendants in a lawsuit, a default judgment is entered. Not only did Dumbass Walker not enter a default judgment, he conducted a trial with no defendants. Then, AFTER THE TRIAL, the clown proclaims that "the People" he let "defend" Proposition 8 at trial have no standing to appeal his decision. Only a Federal Judge could even think of trying to get away with this kind of shit WHILE THE WHOLE WORLD WAS WATCHING!.

Is it possible that Federal Retard Vaughn Walker's recently announced retirement could some how be related to AFER shopping for the RIGHT JUDGE for their Great Gay Marriage Lawsuit?

Seriously, if there is even the slightest fucking suggestion that these Dimwitted Hollywood Clowns communicated with Walker to get Walker as the Judge in re Perry v. Schwarzenegger, It will be RICO Time for AFER.

Marion Paige
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